People, Plants  & Pollinators: The Herbal Connection 

As gardeners, we are often reminded of the vital role that pollinators and beneficial insects play in our landscapes and food supply. There is a lot of information about pollinator-friendly flowers, but what about herbs? Herbs are super multi-tasking plants in and out of the garden. They have something of value to offer people and pollinators alike. Their flowers and fragrant foliage attract and support a diverse variety of wildlife species including native bees, honey bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds. Incorporating herbs into your yard and garden will rapidly increase bio-diversity and ecological function, giving extra value to your natural spaces. Discover the herbs to grow to support and nourish your family and the pollinators and other beneficial creatures in your backyard and beyond.

Neighboring With Nature: Native Herbs for Purpose and Pleasure

Let nature be your guide! We can all make a difference by changing the way we approach garden design, planting, and maintenance. The amazing diversity of native herbs can offer something of value to satisfy the mind, body, and spirit of every type of person. In this presentation, Susan will discuss which native herbs can be easily integrated into an existing garden or landscape. How to utilize them for flavor, fragrance and other handy household uses . She will cover basic permaculture concepts and design strategies from nature for problem solving and building healthy sustainable outdoor spaces.

Herbs: Pretty and Practical Players in the Home Garden and Landscape

Herbs are pleasing and pleasant plants that readily adjust to home gardens and foundation plantings.Their flowers, foliage, fragrance, and shapes can add interest and beauty to both formal and informal gardens. Whether your pastime is growing vegetable gardens, practicing the culinary arts, experimenting with aromatherapy, or beautifying your floral gardens, herbs can play a functional, eco-friendly role in your garden. Learn about propagating, growing and harvesting herbs for your personal pleasure and use.