“Excellent Presenter.”

Susan Betz presented GreenBridges at Willard Library in Battle Creek. She was excellent! Very knowledgeable about all things horticultural, but more importantly she was inspiring. She has a passion for native plants and for making life better through gardening. Great to work with, she is friendly and on the ball. Highly recommended!

— Matt W.

“Great speaker and delightful person!”

We had Susan speak for our annual symposium this year 2015. She spoke on Mystical Moons and Seasonal Circles. She was such a delight . Her lecture was very engaging. She talked about the cycles in nature and how to become aware of the little things you look past every day. Her book is just wonderful. If you have children or are just crazy about being outside and witnessing nature's wonder, you will love this book. In addition to her being such a great speaker she is also a delightful person. Our guests just loved her!

— Lisa D.

 Very inspiring!
This is the fifth time I have heard Susan before an audience and I have never been disappointed.

— Dee C.


“Nature, Susan wisely points out, needs good neighbors!”

 Neighboring with Nature, Susan Betz’s latest book, is a fascinating read.  Susan introduces us to 21 native plants that, through the years, have been quietly growing in wooded and wild places feeding native pollinators and supporting the intricate web of life, while we suburban gardeners enthusiastically filled our yards with the latest plant introductions.  Enticed by larger flowers, flashier leaves and tantalizing descriptions, many backyard gardeners have happily planted trees, shrubs and perennials that, while lovely to look at, offer little nutritional or habitat support to localized wildlife; support that is essential to the health of our planet. Our eager embrace of trendy new plant introductions has unintentionally created fast food deserts for bees, butterflies and birds that sprawl from coast to coast across suburban America.  Nature, Susan wisely points out, needs good neighbors!  Planting the beautiful, vigorous and, in many cases useful, native flowers, trees and shrubs Susan describes so fully will result in the restoration of a healthy ecological landscape,  garden by garden, town by town across our country.  It’s time to become Nature’s good neighbor and, in doing so, help create a healthy environment for all living things, including us!

— Betsy W.

“What an enlightening, important, hour!”

Last week I had the privilege of hearing Susan give a presentation about Phenology at the annual Michigan Herb Conference at Michigan State University. I was most interested in the information she presented in an organized, interesting way and the many connections to life in general and specifically to my passion of working with elementary school aged children investigating the wonder and mystery of science. What an enlightening, important hour we spent with her! Both the presentation and her book that she referenced are outstanding.

— Kathy H.


The Why and How of Developing a Better Relationship with Nature, For Everyone.”

[Praise for Neighboring with Nature, the book.] This book summarizes what I have experienced in my own life - that making nature a large part of my life, and giving space in my gardens to a wide variety of native plants brings abundance and health to the land, and to me. Susan M. Betz organizes the material and writes in a way that is appealing and understandable. So, read the book and get out there and start working with nature, our greatest ally!

— Raye

We need a Susan Betz clone, but for now I’ll settle for her book”

Betz writes with the casual familiarity and authority of a true, hands-in-the-soil gardener with a passion for plants and nature. Her accessible information and tips will help to lead both new and seasoned gardeners into a new way of seeing and tending our precious earth. We need a Susan Betz clone, but for now I’ll settle for her book.” 

Sharon Lovejoy, author of Sunflower Houses, Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots, and Trowel & Error