Herbs have the charm of quiet persons whose minds are yet charged with wisdom and their personalities endowed with the quality that comes of long and varied human experience. They're easy to grow, kindly and responsive in their attitude towards us, room given them is never wasted”. L.B. Wilder

Plant an Herb - Grow a Friend !



About Susan Betz

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Susan Betz is an author, garden communicator, lecturer, and conservationist specializing in herbs and native plants for over 35 years. She is a charter member and past president of the Michigan Herb Associates. 

Susan's Books

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Susan is the author of two well-received books, Neighboring with Nature: Native Herbs for Purpose and Pleasure and Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles

Susan Speaks

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Looking for an entertaining, knowledgable, and unique speaker? Susan presents a variety of talks and can customize talks for any audience.




“Betz writes with the casual familiarity and authority of a true, hands-in-the-soil gardener with a passion for plants and nature. Her accessible information and tips will help to lead both new and seasoned gardeners into a new way of seeing and tending our precious earth. We need a Susan Betz clone, but for now I’ll settle for her book.”

~ Sharon Lovejoy,  author of Sunflower Houses, Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots,

and Trowel & Error