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Susan Betz is a charter member and past president of the Michigan Herb Associates, founded in 1987 to educate the public about the joy of growing and using herbs. She has been actively involved with community and youth herb gardening projects for the past 30 years and the Michigan State Master Gardener program for over 25 years. She worked at  Slayton Arboretum as Education and Outreach Coordinator. Susan has been a member of the Herb Society of America for thirty years, and served on The Society’s board as Education Chair.  She is the past owner of a Michigan herb shop. Susan is a member of the International Herb Association, Garden Writers Association and the Ecological Landscape Alliance. She serves on The HSA's Native Herb Conservation Committee and  Green Bridges, the Society's sustainable garden initiative. She is currently working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and conservation groups to document and preserve the native plants and animals in the Hasting Lake Prairie Fen & Oak Savanna located on her property in Jonesville, Michigan. Author of the book Magical Moons & Seasonal Circles Stop-Look-Listen Stepping into the Circles of the Seasons

“Though I enjoyed the entire book, I think it was the material for August, September and October that I found the most interesting. In August, she writes a delightful essay of How to Spend a Lazy Summer Day . She speaks of observing insects and spiders; both in the daylight and at night. (Since I ve written a couple of books about Spiders, I was glad to see that she included these remarkable critters in the scene of late summer. They tend to get skipped by many authors.) For September, she writes of the abundant roadside Goldenrods and for October, she does the same for Asters. Both abound late in the season to the point of being overlooked, but as native flora, they should be better known and better appreciated and Ms Betz does just that”.

--March ,2014, Larry Weber, Naturalist, Educator, photographer and host of 'Weekend Outdoors' a weekly phenology radio program on WTIP in Cook County, Minnesota